Chris Felstead
Lead Software Engineer


Microsoft Certified Professional software engineer of 15 years using web technologies with a focus on .Net Core C# but full stack experience. Has lead development teams on producing products used by millions of users, supported multi-million pound government projects and worked as a sole developer on mission critical internal systems. Working directly with internal Microsoft teams I have been able to develop industry leading software that has used machine learning to change the way companies work, improve efficiency and make massive financial savings on third party costs.

An ambition and creative employee who is excited about using technology and innovating in order to allow companies and employees to reach their full potential. Flexible and versatile to the ever changing needs and priorities of my employer. Adapts quickly to new situations and, as an insatiable learner, seizes any opportunity to learn and develop as an employee and team leader.

Key Skills

  • Exemplary communication skills that are adaptable to technical or non-technical audiences and a variety of situations including user guides, training and conference presentations
  • Cultivates constructive working relationships that rely on all team members and stakeholders putting forward ideas, accepting input and working collaboratively to achieve a better outcome than made in isolation
  • Collaborative team player who appreciates how working in a team enhances all the members capabilities especially when in an environment that uses an Agile methodology
  • Works well autonomously, taking ownership of tasks and manages priorities in order to meet agreed timescales
  • Positive team leader with the ability to build strong relationships with colleagues and customers thereby producing higher quality products, encouraging the open sharing of knowledge and motivating others by aligning goals and being enthusiastic
  • Innovative engineer with a creative and analytical problem solving skill with high level abilities to understand edge cases and solve complex problems
  • Flexible and adaptable with a broad knowledge base that allows me to be responsive to changing tasks, responsibilities and priorities
  • Customer centric ethic that ensures the end result of any developments are of high quality and meets or exceeds expectations

Technical Competencies

  • Proficient with .Net Standard, .Net Core and ASP.NET MVC using C#
  • Competent in using a variety of database and data storage technologies such as MS SQL, MySql, NoSql, MongoDB and Azure data technologies
  • Full stack development including HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX and Bootstrap
  • Highly skilled in data transfer between systems and managing difficult inter-system connections with APIs and JSON
  • Good knowledge of git source control with experience using GitHub and Azure DevOps
  • Experience in QA testing and creating unit tests
  • Some practical experience using other languages and open source technologies like PHP for Wordpress developments, JAVA for developing game modifications, C++ in connection with Windows Active Directory and Python or R for data analytics
  • Windows Server Management including IIS, SSL, DNS, Active Directory and DFS

Work Experience

Global Sports Business Insights Company
From September 2019
Lead Software Engineer
Advice federations, clubs and sponsors using technology, data and analytics to advise and provide business consultation services.
  • Created a centralised internal AI and task management platform in Azure (mostly using Azure Functions) to replace the fragmented and failing automation scripts that were powering some key business tasks
  • Replaced the dependency on a third-party costing several million euro per year with a machine learning platform capable of providing a richer data set quicker
  • Improved the analyst team efficiency by 35% by automating a variety of routine tasks that analysts performed to free up their time for client work
  • Developed key information management systems for clients that became a core part to the service offering
  • Line managed a team of graduate developers with a focus on improving the quality or their work and improving their skillset
UK Education Charity
From March 2010 to September 2019
Software Engineer
An education charity providing advice, IT, internet and cloud services to schools across the country
  • Introduced a savings calculator which highlighted the £20m being saved by the customer base and allowed the individual customer to see how they could make better use of the service package or locate additional funding
  • Additional benefits were felt by the sales teams when visiting customers. They reported a 50% increase in maturing sales opportunities by using the output from the calculator to show where savings could made that offset the service cost
  • Saved an annual £40k by using DNS fallback techniques and a .Net web application to develop a replacement solution for a depreciated technology that allowed for subdomain redirects/shortcuts to be setup
  • Created a website/service personalisation platform that received excellent end user feedback and increased our user engagement by 33%. This also identified issues with the individual contact data managed by a third-party partner
  • Implemented a system to utilise the APIs across multiple external and internal platforms to provide a single view of the customer which allowed analysis of all customer engagements and achieved a 10% increase in customer actions following a communication
  • Built a windows service to parse PDFs of different structures from a system without APIs. The new data collected about customer consumption was stored in a CRM and used by many teams across the organisation. The curriculum supported team improved efficiency by 25% as they no longer needed to waste time during visits trying to understand the customer and their needs.
  • Boosted sales and customer engagement by linking internal applications to the government’s open data source which identified new potential new customers and school staff changes that provide engagement and retention opportunities
  • Suggested and introduced new tools to enhance the business such as the Qlik Sense business intelligence tool to provide a better understanding of company finances and custom consumption
  • Managed third-party development teams through the entire software development life cycle ensuring a quality product rapidly developed within budget and with comprehensive user testing
London Borough
From June 2002 to March 2010
Working with schools within a London Borough to provide IT and web based services
  • Developed a bidding process .Net application and document management system for the government backed £220m Building Schools for the Future project saving the borough a £80k per annum licensing free for an off the shelf product that didn’t fully meet our user requirements
  • Reduce the amount of administration overhead in running courses by over 80% through the creation of a web application that automatically produced a training catalogue, managed user books, collated evaluations and distributed certificates of attendance
  • Managed a technical roll out and the required user training of a single sign-on solution to c.100 schools
  • Represented the borough and city as a whole at meetings of the London Technical Steering Group and Managed Learning Environment Implementation Group
  • Managed the creation of an annual conference and around 20 training events a year
  • Website design (HTML, CSS and Javascript) for c. 40 schools

Certifications & Training

  • GDPR

    EU - General Data Protection Regulation

  • Feb 2017


    G Suite Deployment Specialist

  • Sept 2015


    BCS Foundation Certificate

  • Apr 2012


    Certified Professional Developer


Storage Solutions Database Technologies Application Services Congitive Services Functions and WebJobs
Standard Core MVC C#
MS SQL MySql NoSql MongoDB
HTML CSS Javascript
Source Control
Git - GitHub Git and TFS - Azure DevOps
Other Languages touched on
PHP for Wordpress developments JAVA for developing game modifications C++ in connection with Windows Active Directory Python or R for data analytics
Microsoft Management
Windows Server IIS SSL DNS Active Directory DFS